Theme Setup

Further Tips For Setting Up This Theme


There are two page templates with this theme. homepage.php includes a simple image gallery and a secondary block of content plus some buttons for linking to social media sites. If you don't want to see them you can delete them from the template or just use the default template for the index page.


The images are styled with a nice hover effect. You might want to integrate a plugin here like the lightbox plugin or i18n gallery. If you want the images to be links to sub-pages then you will want i18n navigation or my preference would be News Manager (Updated) with the extra News Manager Addons so that each image would be the featured image of a News Post, linking to the full post/article. 

Secondary Content

Initially it's the sidebar component in which you can use code directly. Handy for plugin output.


The CKEditor might display these buttons correctly. You could copy the code from the template and paste it into the sidebar. They include font-awsome icons, see the font-awsome cheat-sheet when you edit.

Background Images

The Aries template loads random images from Cool but a bit er.. random. I put a bit of conditional code in the templates so that if a component exists with the name background-slug a css style declaration is inserted into the <head> of the page making the background image whatever you specify in the component.

For example for this demo I uploaded an image named bk.jpg:

Then put the url in the component I created named background-contact:

and the image is used on the page with the slug contact. Easy.


Page Subtitles/Taglines

In the original Aries template every page has a Title and a sub-title. By default the GetSimple tagline component is the placeholder for the sub-title on every page. You can delete the component if you don't want to use this feature. You can set up the templates to use different components for different pages following the instructions in the GetSimple wiki.

Contact Form

The origial Aries template includes some php to make the contact form work. Get it from wow themes and fix it if you want. Get a plugin from GetSimple and set it up if you want. Otherwise use an external email form processor for free like formspree and save yourself the headache.

That's what I did for this demo. Send me an email!