Sub Menu Example

The theme is ready for two levels of navigation. To activate the drop-down sub-menus you need to install the I18N Navigation plugin. There is no need to edit the page templates, just upload the plugin and activate it under the Plugins Tab in the Back End. Then when you specify a page's parent in PAGE OPTIONS it's link will appear in a drop-down menu under the parent's link.

I18N Navigation

Download the I18N Plugin from the GetSimple Extend. If you aren't making a multi-language site you only need the I18N Navigation file and folder.

Custom Titles

Essential for SEO. Download the Custom Title Plugin from the GetSimple Extend. There is no need to edit the tpage templates. Once installed in the Plugins folder and activated under the Plugins Tab you will be able to give each page an html title containing your chosen key words.


The wowframework.css file is unaltered. It seems to consist of the following:

  • normalize resets
  • a grid adapted from bootstrap
  • a collection of coloured buttons
  • styles for the nav menu

There is very little typography in it.

The grid is simple to use. It's a twelve column grid so blocks of content are put in divs with class="cn" depending on how many twelfths of the page width you want the block to occupy. The twelve columns are then wrapped in a div class="row". There are offset, push and pull classses.

The grid and buttons are shown on this page.